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Guided Travels and Tours

Have the most awesome travelling experience in the Netherlands. Not only we cover the planning part, but we also get to introduce you fun and active itineraries and activities to level up the experience. This is something Buro HBA only can pull off.

Cruise Ship Tours

Hate walking and exercising? That’s fine, no one is forcing you to do so. But it would be such a waste if you spend the whole day at the hotel. Go for our cruise ship tour and see tons of landscapes and shoreline. Soak your eyes to the mesmerizing views of bays, guts, headlands, harbours, and coves while sipping a chilled glass of wine.

Cycling Tours

If you are an active person who wants to explore while exercising, our cycling tour is perfect for you. We prepare well-maintained bikes from renting a bik in Amsterdamfor your convenience. We also know that cycling with a group is more fun, so we organize the tour by collaborating with other tour companies. You get to travel by a group of tourists longing to explore the city by bike just like you.

Hiking Tours

Are you tired of the casual touring? Well, we got something that’s going to pump adrenaline out of you. Our Hiking tours are held thrice a year in Holland. We choose a perfect day when the weather is nice and fair. The tour will be lead by our professional hiker, so even you don’t have a hiking experience, our hiking tour is still suitable for you.

Customize Your Tour With Us

Make the most out of your journey by letting us do all the planning and arrangements. Are you visiting the Netherlands with a special someone? Or are you looking to trace your Dutch roots? Let us know what you need and what you want, and watch how we make them happen.