Traditional Dutch Food To Try in The Netherlands

Traditional Dutch Food To Try in The Netherlands


Eating is probably a national past time of all nations, Dutch people don’t deny this. Dutch food is not difficult to love, but it also has some daring elements to it which may challenge picky travellers. The Netherlands has plenty of culinary experiences moulded by tradition and food innovation. Don’t miss digging your hungry fangs at least one of these traditional Dutch dishes.

Dutch Wafer “Stroopwafel”

Stroopwafel is made of two thin waffles put on top of each other with sweet, rich syrup in the middle. It’s heavenly goodness for sweet lovers which makes it a common food in the street market andAmsterdam city pass. To experience the ultimate goodness of Stroopwafel, eat it while it is hot when it’s gooey and moist. Match it with a hot beverage like coffee or hot chocolate to soothe your tiredness away.

Raw herring or Broodje haring

Herring carts are all over cheap night amsterdam. The look of this dish is the opposite of appetizing and is quite scary for travellers. But Dutch love this dish because it has the oceany freshness of herring fish, tanginess of lemon zest, and peculiar taste and texture of pickles. If you visit during May or July, it is said that herring taste the sweetest during those months. No harm in trying, so go for it.

Express Croquettes from Hole-in-the-wall Cafés

Express food is getting more attention in the cities of the Netherlands. Pop-up hole-in-the-wall cafes are available near train stations. They offer hot meals displayed behind glass doors like a vending machine. All you need is some coins, and there, get your express croquettes and grilled burgers instantly.

Don’t Forget The Cheese

Dutch people have a peculiar love for cheese. They love cheese so much that they have a museum dedicated to it. Be ready with yourI Amsterdam card and take home some classic cheeses that you can only get here. Cheese factories and shops are almost everywhere where you can get a Dutch cheese tasting experience.