Tour Highlight: Anne Frank’s Neighborhood Walking

Tour Highlight: Anne Frank’s Neighborhood Walking

For those who haven’t read the book, Anne Frank just has written the world’s most-read diaries of all time. Her diary has been published and translated in over 70 languages making it a national best-seller. Most of the visitors who signed up for the tour wanted to see Anne Frank’s life in living colours. Her story might have ended so fast at a young age, but she succeeded in bringing her story from the perspective of a girl in a terrible time called the “Holocaust”.

A Perfect Place to Reflect Blessings Denied to Many During Her Time

Anne Frank story revolves around her childhood and experiences. Visiting the neighbourhood where she grew up will bring so much clarity to the book. If you are wondering what to do in Amsterdam, join a sensitive, reflective tour such as the Anne Frank’s neighbourhood walking. The place itself is a historical one. It holds bitter memories of the past especially the persecution of the Jews which Anne experienced first hand.

The Secret Annex

Anne Frank’s family went into hiding after receiving a call from a labour camp in Germany. They were suspicious about the hidden intentions of the call, so to avoid persecution, they went into hiding in the Secret Annex. It is the same spot where Anne wrote most of the contents of her diary.  Anne expressed the sadness of being isolated in such small place longing to go outdoors just like how it used to be. Secret Annex was both a prison and a haven. The chaos in the Amsterdam zoo is nothing compared to the chaos that fell upon Anne’s life. The hiding didn’t last as the police found their hiding place. They might have taken her life, but they failed to take away her story.

What to Expect from The Tour

The tour is more about storytelling. There are no breath-taking sceneries nor grand attractions, just a genuine story that holds deep meanings of life. The tour aims to bring Anne Frank’s story back to life by visiting the actual place where it all took place.