Why Amsterdam Canal Tour is a Must-Try

Why Amsterdam Canal Tour is a Must-Try

Canal cruising is one of the signature activities in the Netherlands. Most expats will tell you that a vacation in the Netherlands won’t be complete without trying the Amsterdam canal tour. And they have strong reasons for it. If you are not convinced, read on.

Rain or Shine, Canal Tours Will Go On

Thanks to the covered boat features that let tourist see Amsterdam rain or shine. Covered boat tours are quite more expensive than the regular ones. But if it means to travel Amsterdam without getting wet, all extra pennies are worth it. Some tours offer food during the tour, so you won’t have to step out to buy one during a downpour. And if the weather is nice, go for the normal boats to feel the soothing breeze of Amsterdam.

Discover Must-See Sights That Travelling by Land Won’t Take You

The canal system in the Netherlands is impressive as it can take you almost anywhere in Amsterdam. There are even must-see sights that won’t be available unless you get on the water. You will encounter walls that have special writings, they are quite entertaining. It’s like reading madame Tussaud writing on a wall. You’ll also see some beautiful villages that are so steep that cars cannot get in, but by travelling through the canal, it’s a walk in the park.

A Relaxing Way to Travel in Amsterdam

It’s a smooth sailing experience without the stress of getting stuck in traffic. Travelling by canal can let you see most of Amsterdam without dropping a single sweat. The tour lasts about two to three hours. This amount of time is significantly short if you travel to Amsterdam by land.

Multi-Purpose Tour

With the right tour company, you can get most out of the tour. You can ask the guide to drop you off to the nearest station, so you can save time. Another service you can avail is the food and drinks service. Expats love Amsterdam Heineken experience. But did you know that you can get the same experience while on a canal tour? Drink the famous brewed ice-cold beer while cruising the beautiful city of Amsterdam. What a win.