Why Dutch People are So Lovable

Dutch culture is love. They have a great history behind them and a great future to behold. The true treasure of the Netherlands is its people. You’ll love them instantly.


They are Happy People

Dutch people are energetic and focus on the beauty that surrounds them. They will smile to a stranger without hesitation. Don’t misunderstand when they complain about the weather or politics, they are just trying to have a conversation. It’s probably the reason why they don’t get stressed that fast because they release their troubles as soon as possible. Dutch people would laugh hard and are not afraid to show their silly side.

The Dutch Four-Second Hug

What’s the best hug you’ve got? Every day, hugging is part of Dutch life. In Western culture, hug usually last after one to two seconds. But the Dutch version of hug won’t be shorter than four seconds. It would be longer than four seconds but never shorter. It makes them happy to see someone they know in unexpected places like tickets Museum Anne Frank. If you have a Dutch friend, expect that they will give you the best hug you could ever get.


They’ll Greet You With Three Kisses

Kissing three times is the norm in the Netherlands. This gesture is reserved only for family and close friends. Don’t think that someone you just first met will give you instant three kisses. This kissing greeting has a pattern, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. Though greeting someone with kisses is a norm in the Netherlands, they still don’t tolerate french kissing in public, go to the cheapest hotels in Amsterdam central or just do it at home.

Long Celebrations

Dutch people like long celebrations. Their Christmas celebration starts on Dec 5th, and it doesn’t end until Dec 26th. You can count on them if you are holding parties or events, they will surely come. Dutch people know how to have fun. They are serious when it comes to work, but once work is done, they initiate the fun.